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Instructions: Write 17 statements directed at 17 different people. Never tell which one is for whom.
-heres mine:
1. You’re the hottest man in Lakeivew im inlove with you!
2. Your hot and you have a hot car! I want to get in the car with you wink wink!
3. We were rebels back in the day
4. You have a hot body!
5. One butt cheek at a time right ;)
6. You are the biggest poser !
7. You twist the truth
8. Your two faced
9. The coolest little kid I know, I want to marry you
10. You’re my best friend!!! accent partners
11. your very pretty, annoying personality
12. You’re a shiny forhead fag
13. Words cant express how I feel about this person
14. You are the best thing that’s ever happen to me in a while
15. your good to talk to
16. Your just hillariouse!!!!
17. I love you but you’re a slut!

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