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Well its monday

sooo school was okay umm gym its killing me i hate walkign all the way to jms ahh but after school me and celena manda and a;ex and some other guys walked home and dude oprahs "kid" ive been looking forward to meeting was a freaking dog damn it i was so mad i went outside and jumped on the tramp then woo me and celena went rollar bladeing liek 5 miles aall the was to the gross point bride thing on jeffersone and back and then too like rogers area and then back woo man! im sweating liek a mom i need a shower badley ohh yeah when we were at blossem heath cuz we stoped there I FELL IN A BUSH CUZ I COULDNT TURN FAST ENOUGH SO IM ALL SCRATCHED UP ! Iits nice let me tell you now im gogin to take a nap on my hammock =)
love you
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