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well so far this little break has been pretty interesting.. uhh wednesday half day I went to lunch with jacob and vinnie and then we went to get cofee and just talked for hours it was fun.. then that nigth i went and hung otu with marissa tess kait shannon kaitlin and danielle we went to marissas i had too much funn! nto gettign into details well i got to see steven for liek 4.67 seconds =( well i was happy he stopped by.... uhh so yeah we left but me and kait drove around with mike and steve for liek and hour just talking listening to alot of techno lol it was fun went back to shannons around 3 went to bed fun fun night!! uhh then thanksgiving was depressing i think i ate my body weight in food liek 3 slices of pie ahhh! im huge...

love bree
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