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well i had fun this weekend um thursday night i hung out with julie we sat around and lauren and angela came over for a bit we told some stories it was fun but freaking julie was on the phone with mark trombley till like 4 ahhh! then the next night i went to the mitzels i had so much fun except when julie just left and went home without telling me! but me and tess went back to her house steven was supposed to come over but he ended up not im not sure why the next morning we went to the varsity game with lauren shannon and melissa i had alot of fun me and erik got filmed to be on tv together .... but he talked really fast so im not sure if they used it ha then that night we again went to the mitzels and had some fun we played hide and go seek tag =) then me tess dubz annie and sare spent the night at sares we all snuck out and met some guys and tp'd steves truck we are soo cool then last night i couldnt do anything so i stayed home and ate chinese mmmmmmm school tomorrow but laguna tonight im excited!
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