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the weekend

well this weekend was fun!! on friday me and celena and amanda all went to amandas and watched dr phil and oprah heck yes then amanda pooped right when alex and randy came over and it smelled hahaha! we went out to shores inn for strawberry daiquiris finally i got one even tho it didnt have sugar on the rim. ohh well there was the hottest bus boy and me and celena left him our numbers lol then i went to my house and me and jake hung out and amanda stayed at her house with alex and celena had an adventure with some crazy guys then we all went to celenas and talked and fell asleep i had the craziest dream ever celena and tj were getting it on on a roller coaster and amanda and alex were too on a different roller coaster and me and nick were yet on another roller coaster you know eh i donno it was weird then we woke up and had donuts and made kait a b-day thing its cool, but then our plans for her thing got canceled then me tess celena went to julies and rode to blockbuster where they just had to rent monster ahh! then we picked up sean who like took up the whole back seat and when we went to tesses erik dan ethan and scott were there so we all watched the moves together it was good except when i cried and when sean and erik whipped me with pillows so i flew across the room ohhh yeah it wasnt to fun when sean rubbed his naked butt against mmy head well me and tess went to church with out families and then i went out to breakfast and shopping got some stuff eh new desperate housewives is on im excited
peace out g unit sneekers
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